Comfort Guard is an women's hygiene brand, based in Jaipur, which works for feminine hygiene.

Comfort Guard knows that women's periods can turn into tough days, so keep in mind that Comfort Guard provides super skin-friendly protection. It’s comfortable and women feel at ease during their periods

Women have been facing the menstrual cycle every month and it goes on forever and ever. Time changes and the product also evolves day by day, when we found better raw material we try to manufacture the product for more comfort in those tough days.

Our brand also come up with two new methods of sanitary pads. We use two materials to manufacture the sanitary pads one is Dry Net and the other is Pure Cotton.


We provide both Dry net and pure cotton material. The product itself explains about the sanitary pads features. These overnight pads with wings help women wake up feeling more comfortable during their heavy periods.
It has 24 anti-leakage channel and extra wide coverage which helps protect against leakage from back to front and side to side.
Sleep worryless and wake up with the smile during your tough nights and days.
It neturalizes odors so your confidence always remain high with smiling and carefree face all the time.
It absorbs 30% more when compared to other sanitary pads.
Its pure cotton material is so soft, comfortable and skin friendly and keeps the liquid away from the body touch, so you can sleep comfortably and confidently.
Its design easily fits to every skin type and every size. We designed the super comfortable pad keeping in mind every size, every body type, because we know the tough days are same for everyone.
The thickness is so lean that you don’t even realize you’re wearing a pad. So Walk or Run, do whatever you want to do tension free.


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