Umngot, India’s one of the leading brands for bottled water. Its crystal clear water is the symbol of purity and goodness of health.

Jaipur based company and manufacturing plant in Ahemdabad,Dehli, is a firm believer of delivering natural and affordable water for drinking.

Mission of Umngot

To be the universally recognised and trusted provider of pure water treatment solutions for each and every individual.

How we make it best before serving to you

We strictly follow the quality control regime while manufacturing the product. More than 100 Quality tests are done and certified water is delivered to you.
The water has passed from the 10 purification processes which focuses on taste, color of water, purity and safety and then served to the customers.
It's healthy, fresh, and natural in taste. Before serving our country we take special care of high possible standards of hygiene.
This company name is inspired by the Umngot river which is famously known as the Dwaki river or located near the India- Bangladesh border of Meghalaya. It is World’s cleanest river and the water is pollutant-free. As alike name, our water is also pollutant-free.

Benefits of drinking Umngot bottled water

It is mineral rich water and has a pH of 7.55 to offset the harmful waste in the body and raise healthier conditions, that's why it is doctors No 1 choice.
Umngot naturally hydrates the human body, delivers more oxygen into the body system, which in the end increases the energy level immediately and provides freshness in the body.
Day to day hectic life and stress take a harmful effect on your skin. Umngot has its own renewal process which helps radiants, healthy and young looking skin.
It detoxes the whole body naturally and cleanses the whole body internally by flushing out the toxic element from the body.


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