Hassle free periods at your School Days

Hassle-free periods at your School Days

Haven’t started your periods yet, or have, and felt upset regarding obtaining your period at school?

Don’t worry you won't be the sole one! Others in your age are also getting a menstrual cycle and feeling identical to you too!

Having your period at school is nothing to feel awkward about, however, it’s an honest plan to be prepared, particularly if you’ve simply started your period as your cycle is also unpredictable for the primary year or two.  

Period pads are nice to stay stashed discreetly away in your school bag for just-in-case moments and to stay leak-free throughout the school day. 

We comprehend it is intimidating beginning a replacement year and attempting to form positive your amount doesn’t interrupt your every day. To stay you feeling high on things|up to speed| and up to your body, here are a number of our top tips:

Forever be ready

Keep period pads or tampons in your school bag in in-case tough moments occurs! Our super handy Comfort Guard Sanitary pads (super thin) are nice for simply storing pads in a bag. Merely keep new pads in one aspect and employed in the other, able to have a say in the wash after you get home.

 For oops moments

Strive to not panic, if your period has started and you haven't got any supplies! Ask for help from your friend or head to your faculty nurse and evoke some period products. 

Pack an additional undergarment

Generally, periods are very unpredictable and catch you out once you’re not prepared, therefore keeping an additional pair of underwear in your bag isn’t a nasty idea!

Keep track on your 

Download the period following app or mark when your period starts on your calendar to assist perceive your catamenial cycle.


Now you are all set to enjoy your unpredictable periods too.


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